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Listen and Unlearn

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Recently, I was on a flight and as we were descending the pilot's voice came over the intercom and, tongue-in-cheek, he asked everyone to "turn off their books." It was a funny comment but it does hint at a broader sea change — more and more people are reading books on their Kindles and iPad's.

This is no surprise.

What might be surprising is just how quickly many authors and publishers will embrace videos; location-based information; and other digital features to create more interactive books. To understand what the book of the future might look like, I invite you to watch this three-minute presentation by Mike Matas on next-generation digital media. (Caution: It may require some unlearning for you book lovers.) 

2 thoughts on “Listen and Unlearn”

  1. Great insights. One of the things I’m having to unlearn is having books as a significant part of home decor (and office). I can still do that, but they don’t accumulate the same way and aren’t really necessary. I have a select row of key reference books that I admire and love, but do not use. The Internet took their place some years ago. Now other books. Tell the architects, furniture designers, home decorators!

  2. Jack Uldrich says:

    Maybe there’s a place in the home for an anti-library (a set of books you haven’t read) — it’s a strategy I use to remind myself of my ignorance.
    Here’s a post that flushes out the idea in greater detail: https://www.unlearning101.com/fuhgetaboutit_the_art_of_/2011/02/unlearning-requires-an-anti-library.html

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