180703_190331080991653_152268641464564_589852_7293634_a I'll freely admit I'm just a wanderer in the world of social media but I love the new connections — to both people and ideas — that I derive from the medium.

To this end, I recently asked @dougbecker what he meant by describing himself as a "flextarian" and he responded, "It's a loaded term, but I mean it to connote that I avoid eating meat whenever possible, and am not strident about it."

What I like about this definition is that it conveys a firm preference for a particular way of life but it isn't dogmatic. It is a mindset that all of us — myself included — should try to adopt with regard to our own particular beliefs, habits and preferences. The "flex"-part allows the space for unlearning — if necessary — to occur.

Next, in response, to this old post on ambiguity, @CoCreatr, responded, "Many situations are not so binary, they are spectrum … Embrace nonduality, be a knowmad."

Just as I enjoy the term "flextarian," I also like the phrase, "be a knowmad."

Why? Perhaps it is because the "know" part of "knowmad" reveals a desire for knowledge (or perhaps truth) but it also suggests that a pathless journey maybe the best way to pursue that goal.