Over the past few months, I have delivered keynote addresses (on the topic of emerging trends) to a number of utility-related organizations across the country. In addition to covering technological advances in advanced batteries, fuel cell and solar technology, I explain how new business models are also fueling the trend toward decentralized, distributed energy.

On Wednesday, I was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota speaking to Missouri River Energy Services and I shared how SolarCity was now installing, maintaining and repairing solar cells on residential homes for no money down. In simple terms, SolarCity is making it very easy to say “yes” to solar cells by eliminating customer’s largest obstacle–the sizeable, upfront capital investment.

No sooner had I returned home than I came across yet another company doing the same thing, Sunrun. Sunrun, however, takes the matter one step further and, in a series of funny ads (posted below), shows viewers why there is absolutely no reason for them not to seriously consider becoming their own (partial) energy provider by installing solar panels.

As I said in my 2010 book, Green Investing, the future of “green” technology has less to do with the “greening” of the environment and more to do with the “green” color of money.

Enjoy the ads!