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39 Things That Should Keep Up Every Utility Executive At Night

Posted in Disruptive Technology, Energy, Future, Future Proof, Futurist, Nanotechnology, Solar, Utility

From the outside, the utility industry may appear to slow, cumbersome and resistant to change. These characterizations may or may not be fair, but I do know the industry is poised for extraordinary change in the years ahead and that what has served the industry well in the past won’t be sufficient for remaining competitive…

Using the Road Not Taken to Unlearn

Posted in Behavior, Change, Games, Utility

One way to unlearn is to begin A Notebook of Things I Don’t Know About. Another way is to document “the roads not taken.” According to this article one way to change your behavior is to document actions you didn’t take. For example, if you wish to save money and protect the environment by driving…

The Future is Green (As In The Color of Money)

Posted in Energy, Future, Futurist, Utility

Over the past few months, I have delivered keynote addresses (on the topic of emerging trends) to a number of utility-related organizations across the country. In addition to covering technological advances in advanced batteries, fuel cell and solar technology, I explain how new business models are also fueling the trend toward decentralized, distributed energy. On…

A Window into the Future

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Business, Business Model, Education, Energy, Future, Futurist, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist, Utility

Corning Glass has created an impressive 11 minute video that offers a real “window” into the future. If you have the time, I highly recommend it … especially if you’re in the automotive, buildings & construction, education and/or health care industries:

Five Future Trends for the Utility Industry

Posted in Energy, Future, Futurist, Utility

In the coming weeks I’ll be addressing a number of utility-related organizations, including delivering keynote presentations at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s 2012 Touchstone Emerging Technology Conference in Fort Myers; the Minnesota Rural Electric Cooperative’s Annual Conference in St. Paul; and the Western Energy Institutes 2012 Spring Energy Symposium in Las Vegas. I’ll be…

Shifting Power: The Future of Electricity

Posted in Energy, Environmentalism, Future, Futurist, Utility

(Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from our forthcoming book, 20/20 Foresight: A Futurist Looks Ahead to the Ten Trends That Will Shape the World of 2020, which I am writing with the able assistance of fellow futurist Simon Anderson. This chapter takes a look at the future of electricity.) In the spring of 2014, the…

Is a New Vision of the Future Blowing in the Wind?

Posted in Energy, Utility

MIT Technology Review has an interesting video on a new wind turbine currently undergoing development. I have no idea if it’ll work but, as the picture suggests, the one thing I do know is that the future of energy will look different than we expect. Related posts by futurist Jack Uldrich: Unlearning May Be Blowing…

The Future is Black and White

Posted in Ambiguity, Energy, Future, Futurist, Solar, Utility

The future won’t be either black or white—it will be black and white. In the field of architecture and design, people are often use to choosing between form or function. In the future, as a result of advances in nanotechnology, this age-old debate will become less relevant. As proof, I submit this article discussing a…

Unlearning Stabilization

Posted in Business, Computer Industry, Current Affairs, Education, Energy, Future, Health Care, Jump the Curve, Robotics, Unlearn Strategy, Utility, Wireless

John Seely Brown, John Hagel and Lang Davidson recently wrote an article entitled ”The New Reality: Constant Disruption.” The basic premise isn’t new to anyone who has read my book Jump the Curve or The Singularity is Near, and that is that society is now headed into a new era whereby change is a constant…


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