Meghan Uldrich rockin’ Google Glass

Last week, I flew to New York, where as a Google “Explorer,” I was fitted for my first pair.

I am just in the early stages of my “exploration” and I have yet to reach a firm conclusion about the technology. Nevertheless, I am fascinated by its potential. To this end, watch the video below from Revolv demonstrating how Google Glass can control the lights in your home.

From this perspective, I’d said the future of Glass is bright.

However, the future becomes a little fuzzier when you learn how Glass has been hacked so that non-users can’t tell if they being photoed or videoed.

If this issue isn’t adequately addressed by Google, I can foresee a strong negative reaction against the technology because many people’s default assumption will be that they are being surveilled. (And most people, myself included, don’t like the idea of being spied upon.)

The future of Glass is also fuzzy because of the reactions of “Explorers” like Ron Miller, who returned his Google Glasses because he didn’t believe the device was “ready for prime time.”

From my perspective, these are still “early days” and it’s too soon to render a concrete judgement. The technology has great promise but it also has some perils.

Stay tuned.