07.23_Top-5#5: They are cynically designed to drive traffic to the poster’s site. Therefore, they are designed for the benefit of the poster/writer—and not you.

#4: They waste your time. It is estimated that it takes 25 minutes to refocus your attention on your work once you have been lured into reading an article such as this one.

#3: The “reasons” aren’t necessarily accurate. Case-in-point: I have no idea if the “25 minute” claim in the previous example is accurate, but it sounds good.

#2: Intuitively, instinctively or through your own efforts, you already know most of the reasons. Did #5, #4 or #3 really surprise you? Probably not. Why? Because you already know this shit.

#1: A lot of what these lists purport to reveal isn’t worth knowing. Your life will not materially improve for having read this or any other “top 5” article. My advice: Focus your limited time doing something truly useful–like meditation. (Just don’t bother reading any bullshit articles such as “The Top 5 Reasons You Should Meditate”.)

Bonus Reason: All lists miss something important. What isn’t said or written is often just as—if not more—important than what was said or written. What was missed in this list? I don’t know, but I’m confident it was important.

Jack Uldrich is the “Chief Unlearning Officer” of the School of Unlearning.