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The Whole Soul?

Posted in Unlearning, Wisdom

Futurist Jack Uldrich attempts to answer the question: What does it mean to bring your whole soul to your work and life?

Beware of Unintended Consequences: Of Handshakes and Wolves

Posted in Generation RE, Humility, Unlearning

Futurist Jack Uldrich urges people to beware of unintended consequences. In today’s complex world even simple-sounding solutions can have profound unintended consequences.

Top 5 Reasons Not to Read “Top 5” Articles

Posted in Unlearning, Unlearning Lesson

#5: They are cynically designed to drive traffic to the poster’s site. Therefore, they are designed for the benefit of the poster/writer—and not you. #4: They waste your time. It is estimated that it takes 25 minutes to refocus your attention on your work once you have been lured into reading an article such as…

How to Embrace Ambiguity With a Shot of Whiskey

Posted in Ambiguity, Unlearning

One of my preferred strategies for thinking about–and dealing with–the future is “to embrace ambiguity.” Not surprisingly, I’m often asked, “How does a person learn to embrace ambiguity?” It’s a great question and I’d argue that it begins by acknowledging the existence of ambiguity. To illustrate this point, I turn to the famous “If by whiskey”…

40 Years of Experience or 1 Year of Experience–40 Times?

Posted in Unlearn Strategy, Unlearning

Hilariously, Dale Irby, a teacher at a Prestonwood Elementary, has had himself photographed in the same outfit for 40 straight years. The series of photographs serve as a kind of visual metaphor that, often, peoples claims of having 25, 30 or even “40 years of experience” is little more than one year of actual experience masquerading itself over…

Why the Future Demands Unlearning in a Single Graph

Posted in Business as Unusual, Computer/Semiconductor, Future, Future Proof, Unlearning

Related Posts on Unlearning: The Future’s New Rules of the Road Unlearning Lesson #24: Playing it Safe is Risky

Will Everyone Wang Chung in the Future?

Posted in Convergence, Future, Futurist, History, Innovation, Music, Unlearning

Last week, it was announced for the first time that old records outsold new records. As a futurist and business forecaster, this is noteworthy because while many people can grasp how the Internet, digitization and social networking are opening up a new future, they are simultaneously causing a growing number of people to be exposed…

Unlearning Lesson #26: Stop Looking for Patterns

Posted in Change, Unlearning

“We are so good at seeing patterns that, often, we see them where they don’t exist.” –Michael Mauboussin Question #26: If you flip a coin 14 times which is more likely to occur: a) The coin will land on “heads” 14 straight times (H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H); or b) this random outcome: T-T-H-T-H-H-H-T-T-H-T-H-T-T? The answer is that the…

The Future's New Rules of the Road

Posted in Change, Creativity, Disruptive Technology, Future, Higher Education, Innovation, Unlearning

“It’s sad that we never get trained to leave assumptions behind.” “We should question all the rules–we should break all the rules.” “I like to put myself in the most uncomfortable position.” These three wonderful quotes (found in this article: What’s Next for Silicon Valley) come from Sebastian Thurn, the iconoclastic thinker and doer behind…

Self-Education is the Key to Your Future

Posted in Change, Education, Higher Education, Quotes, Unlearning

The future is accelerating. The rate of change is itself changing and becoming ever faster. One of the consequences of this state of affairs is that knowledge is becoming obsolete at an ever accelerating pace. This leads to a paradox: Education is becoming both less and more important at the same time. It’s becoming less…


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