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Falling to the Other Side

Posted in Failure, Parable, Spiritual

The child and the traveler came upon a creek. The only way to cross it was to walk across a fallen tree. The traveler quickly strode over the makeshift bridge. The child looked nervously at the obstacle, “I don’t think I can do it.” “You must try,” said the traveler. “But how’d you learn to…

The Steep Unlearning Curve

Posted in Parable, Spiritual

The boy looked at the mountain in front of him. “How will I ever get over it?” “Use a rope,” replied the traveler. “I have never used a rope a before,” said the boy, “and I don’t know if my arms are strong enough.” “You have a steep learning curve then,” replied the traveler. “Will…

Stronger Than a Mountain

Posted in Parable, Spiritual

The child stared at the mountain on the horizon and said, “I can’t possibly climb that mountain. I’m not strong enough.” “You have it backwards,” replied the traveler, “climbing the mountain will make you stronger.” Related Parables: The Steep Unlearning Curve

Seeding the Truth

Posted in Parable, Spiritual, Wisdom

“Where do I look for the truth,” asked the child. “The tree,” replied the traveler. “Will I find it?” “I don’t know.” “I want an answer that is clear … a truth that is black or white. Is that possible?” “I don’t know but I encourage you to keep studying the tree because you’ll get…

To Truly Hear, Find Silence

Posted in Parable, Religious, Silence, Spiritual

“Can you tell me the answer to life’s many mysteries,” asked the child. The traveler laughed and said, “No.” “Why not?” “Oh, I could give you answers but you wouldn’t hear them.” “What then do I need to do to improve my listening skills?” “Silence.” “Silence?” “Yes. The answers are within each of us. The…

Knowing the Unknowable

Posted in Parable, Religion, Spiritual

“How do you know God,” asked the child. “When you know Him as unknowable,” replied the traveler. “That’s the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever heard,” said the child. “Is it?” “Yes.” “Let me ask you this,” continued the traveler, “Can a circle be a straight line?” “Of course not,” replied the child. “Really? If…

The Fog of Unlearning

Posted in Analogy, Beliefs, Education, Enlightenment, I Don't Know, Lessons Unlearned, Metaphor, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Perspective, See What Isn't There, Spiritual, Stories, The Way We See the Problem, Wisdom

I am in Iowa to deliver a keynote presentation (entitled “Why Future Trends in Healthcare Will Require Unlearning“) to the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative today. After working on my presentation early this morning, I decided to go for a walk at sunrise. The photo to the right offers a view of what I saw. As I…

A Plant Whose Virtue Has Yet to Be Discovered

Posted in Enlightenment, Lessons Unlearned, One minute unlearning, Parable, Religious, Spiritual, Wisdom

One day a child came upon the traveler sitting in a field. He was studying a weed. “Why are you staring at that ugly weed when so many other beautiful flowers are nearby?” Without looking up, the traveler replied, “Everything has virtue. The real challenge is to find it where it isn’t immediately obvious.” Other…

A Priceless Question Worth Asking

Posted in Ask a New Question, Happiness, Questions, Spiritual, Wisdom

I'm a huge fan of asking new questions. I also happen to believe unlearning can lead to happiness. I'd now like to combine the two and encourage you to stop asking the question: "How much money can I make" and instead turn the question on its head and ask: What's the minimum amount of money…

Pissed Off? Try Unlearning.

Posted in Ask a New Question, Assumptions, Beliefs, Compassion, Culture, Happiness, Love, One minute unlearning, Opposite May Also be True, Psychology, Spiritual, The Way We See the Problem, Wisdom

I travel frequently and it is not uncommon that I must use public restrooms. On occasion, I encounter a disgusting and unsanitary toilet (such as the picture to the right). My initial reaction — pardon the pun — is to get pissed off at the person who did it. This is only natural. What isn’t…


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