Jack Uldrich
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Wanted: More Dragon-Slayers

Posted in Future

On many early maps, there was often a Latin phrase, HC Svnt Dracones. It translates into ‘Here are dragons.”

In reality, the slogan was little more than the cartographers attempt to conceal their ignorance.

Of course, with time and better technology, our maps got better and the dragons disappeared.

This metaphor is worth keeping in mind as we continue to map everything from the human genome to the human brain.

Today, we have a general idea of some of the genes that may be responsible for obesity, depression or scores of other diseases; and, similarly, our understanding of the brain is leading to some interesting insights about human behavior.

We must, however, be aware that some of these insights are little more than modern dressed-up dragons.

Unfortunately, all-too-often, we accept these “dragons” as gospel and avoid further exploration of the areas.

The reality is that these territories remain largely uncharted and, so it is, that we always have–and always will–require dragon-slayers.

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