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Do You Live in (a) Detroit?

Posted in Analogy, Automobile, Business, Change, Creativity, Manufacturing, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Transportation

Detroit_Then_and_Now I don't mean do you physically live in Detroit. Instead, I mean do you and your business live in an environment where you're surrounded by like-minded individuals. Living with — and around — people who think the same as you can be comforting but it can also be very dangerous. The fact that the "Big 3" automotive manufacturers all resided in Detroit contributed to their inability to spot emerging trends in the automotive market.

The question I now ask you is this: Might the same might be true of you? Are you living in the equivalent of a Detroit for your business or industry? If so, get out — now. Alternatively, if that isn't an option and in order to expose yourself to new ideas, start traveling more or inviting more outsiders in.


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