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The Truth About Halloween isn’t So Scary

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ItsHalloween How many kids have been killed on Halloween by eating poisoned candy? The answer is zero. Let me repeat that: zero!

If you're like me, you probably grew up on tales of avoiding Pixie Sticks for fear some creepy old neighbor had laced the candy with strychnine. Or, perhaps, you avoided perfectly healthy apples for fear that a razor had been cleverly hidden inside by some psychopath. Both are urban myths — complete and utter fabrication. The only kid ever poisoned on Halloween was poisoned by his own father. (From this perspective, it is ironic but true: Your own family poses a greater danger than strangers.)

So this Halloween try unlearning your fears and allowing your kids to once again run free and rule the night. It might seem dangerous but what is really dangerous is teaching our kids to live in a world where fear — and not freedom — rules.

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