Editor’s Note: My colleague, Jeff Appelquist, and I are out in Montana this week conducting our experiential leadership seminar “Into the Unknown: Leadership Lessons from Lewis and Clark’s Daring Westward Expedition”. As a result, today’s newsletter will be short on commentary. To compensate, however, I am sharing a few additional articles. (FYI: If you or your organization are interested in learning more about the Lewis & Clark program just click on this link: “Into the Unknown“.

Think Fast: We are Creating Crops 5 Times Faster. (Thanks to advances in genomics and gene-editing technology.)

Think in Questions: What’s next for nanotechnology? This article, The Rise of Nanomachines, can help answer the question.

Think Different: Denmark’s Radical Plan for a Plant-Based Future. For more on this theme, I invite you to read this article, Meet the Pecan Farmer Who Wants to Change the Plant-Based Milk Scene.

Think Harder: “Time for a Reckoning: Kansas Farmers Brace for Water Cuts to Save Ogallala Aquifer.”

Think Historically: Britain’s Forgotten Pandemic: What We Failed to Learn from the Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease.

Think the Unthinkable: We Really, Really Need to Understand This: The “Doomsday Iceberg.” After reading the previous article, if you still don’t think the issue of climate change is serious I invite you to think again. In March of 2022, the continent of Antarctica experienced a heat wave that produced temperatures 70 degrees above normal.

Afterthought: “We are dealing only in the very obvious, which has been overlooked in the clouds of complexity in which you think you think.”–A Course in Miracles