Jack Uldrich
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10 Technologies Transforming Farming Today and Tomorrow.

Posted in Agriculture, Farming, Future 15, Trends

The world’s leading global agricultural futurist, Jack Uldrich, outlines 10 technologies transforming farming today, and which will continue to transform the world of agriculture tomorrow.

Announcing My Latest Book: ‘A Smarter Farm’ – Free Download Available

Posted in Agriculture

Global futurist and keynote speaker Jack Uldrich is making his latest book on artificial intelligence and farming available for free.

Nudging Toward a Less Meaty Future

Posted in Agriculture, Beautiful Future, Behavior, City, Environmentalism, Ethics, Future, Futurist

In their fascinating book, Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Nobel Prize-winning economists Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein explain how simple policy “nudges” can have powerful ramifications. The example that has always stuck with me is the vast discrepancy between the number of organ donors in Germany and Austria. Culturally, socially, and economically,…

10 Game-Changers Poised to Transform the World of 2018

Posted in Agriculture, Energy, Future, Future Proof, Futurist, Genomics, Health Care

In between all of the presidential tweets, catastrophic rain storms, fires and hurricanes, sexual harassment scandals, and Bitcoin mania, it is sometimes hard to remember that technological change is accelerating and, as it does, the world continues to evolve. Over the past year, a number of developments have occurred but below are ten which I…

Three Unconventional Trends Transforming Farming

Posted in Agriculture

In many respects, agriculture has long been a leader in adopting new technology. This might surprise some people, but it makes sense. Consider that in 1900, more than 40 percent of the American workforce was directly involved agriculture. Today it’s less than 2 percent. It took a great deal of technology to reduce the number…

What’s Next in Farming: Ten Trends Transforming Agriculture in 2017–and Beyond

Posted in Agriculture, Future, Futurist

Feeding the planet’s 7.3 billion people is no easy feat, but farmers all around the world have risen to challenge. Feeding the next three billion people–who are expected to arrive by 2050–will pose an even greater challenge. However, I am confident innovative farmers and agri-businesses will again step up to the plate (no pun intended)….

Feeding the World Without GMOs

Posted in Agriculture, Food, Future, Futurist

 The current world population is estimated to be just over seven billion people. By 2050 an estimated nine billion people will be living on Earth. Feeding two billion more people is a matter of eminent concern. How will this monumental task be achieved? It won’t easy but I’m confident it will be done. Let me…

The Future Has Officially Arrived: Drone Delivered Beer

Posted in Agriculture, Business as Unusual, Crime, Defense, Future, Futurist, General, Humor, Robots

With summer just around the corner many of us will quench our thirst on hot days with an ice-cold beer. Now, thanks to some creative and innovative entrepreneurs in South Africa, you may soon be able to have that ice-cold beer delivered to you via a miniature drone. (See the 45-second video below). While obviously…

Trend Expert Jack Uldrich Speaks on the Future of Agriculture

Posted in Agriculture, Video

For clients interested in hiring a professional futurist, business forecaster and/or keynote speaker who can address future trends in agriculture, I’ve posted a three-minute overview of a keynote presentation I recently delivered in Kansas City at a Case IH client event. (I tailor every keynote so, depending upon your needs, I would obviously use examples…

Urban Agriculture's Tantalizing and Tasty Future

Posted in Agriculture, I Want This Future

At the end of last year, I offered my annual list of predictions for the coming year. Prediction #5 was “Urban Crops” and it read: #5: A mid-size city in the Netherlands will announce its intention to grow 10 percent of its food supply within the physical confines of its city. Utilizing tracks of “open…


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