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The Hyper-Interactive Experience of the Future

Posted in Business Model, Change, Internet/Information Tech, Social Media

I’m in Dallas today to deliver a keynote presentation to the National Multi-Housing Council. The title of the talk is quite lengthy, “How the Internet is Creating a New Type of Consumer; Why Social Networks are Essential Anchoring Tools; and How Great Storytelling and Extended Relationships Will Enable Businesses to Engage with Customers in New Ways.”

In one simple, one-minute video I’d like to show how the Internet is already changing us (and our children) and why, if you’re not a good storyteller, you’ll quickly become obsolete:

2 thoughts on “The Hyper-Interactive Experience of the Future”

  1. david hurt says:

    Great presentation at NMHC. Excellent use of illustrations to draw out the static perceptions and their influence over thinking. I would love to hear more about the trend in Business Intelligence vs. intuition. IE: Netflix vs. McD’s shakes vs. WII.

  2. Jack Uldrich says:


    I’d recommend this excellent book, “Super Crunchers: Why Thinking by the Numbers is the New Way to Be Smart”: http://www.amazon.com/Super-Crunchers-Thinking-Numbers-Smart/dp/0553805401


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