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Unlearning on the Front Page

Posted in Business, Health Care, Marketing, Newspaper

USAToday I don't regularly read the USA Today but whenever I'm traveling I usually pick up a copy in the hotel lobby. Today was just such a day and there were two articles of note on the front page of today's paper.

The first highlighted how Baby-boomers are changing the rules for marketing. Surprisingly, in spite of the fact that Boomers spend a great deal of money, many marketers are refusing to market products to them–instead choosing to focus on younger buyers. This is a mistake and many marketers need to unlearn this habit. (Here's a list of 10 other things marketers might want to unlearn.)

The second article addressed how hospital care is proving fatal to many patients. In fact, it has been estimated that one in seven patients will pick up a new illness or disease after they arrive in the hospital. I have long been a proponent of unlearning in the healthcare sector and this article explains why they need to unlearn.

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